1. Hello! It's taken so long to generate traffic and members to The CAD CAM Forum due to the fact that The CAD CAM Forum is not money motivated. I do not reach out to the world to let them know the site is here and have just been letting time prevail. This site does not allow advertising, BUT, it DOES allow users to add their company videos, news, and basically anything they want in their own section. The site is now gaining about 30 members a week, which is not great, but one can be assured that a user paying more for advertising on one site will NOT have that advantage here as all are equal here. How to stay on top depends on how often you post as it only takes one person to see your post to make your post, news, or video(s) worthwhile!
  2. At this time the site is being worked on for enhancements, and to create something different. Please take 10 seconds of your time to register your unique name today. And if you do, see the Directory, and feel free to add your CNC Related Business and Website Link to the appropriate section. If your territory/area and/or specific category is not yet listed, just add it anywhere where it says, YOUR AREA. Add it HERE and your area will be made" and your area/category will be created and I'll transfer it over there. Thank you!


This is a Cimatron CNCForum.

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