1. As you can see there's not a lot of activity here yet, but the site's been pretty much just sitting here waiting for one to find it. At this time there's only 490 members, which isn't much at all, but from now on, January 2016 onward, any company representatives that post a thread, whether it be CAD/CAM Software, CNC Machines (mills, lathes, routers, plasma, waterjets, punches, etc.), or 3DPrinters, will have their own category/forum added for that particular company, and it will stay there as long as it stays somewhat up to date. The said company may post any content they wish pertaining to what they offer and may add backlinks to their websites as well. For those that aren't one of the aforementioned type of companies, but do in fact use a CAD/CAM Software, if they create a post stating what type of software they use they may add their business website in their post with their statement of what software they use giving them a free backlink to their website.
  2. From now on I'll be tweeting any and all posts from 2016 forward to all my followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheCADCAMForum) as we all know it only takes the attention of one single person to make that difference.
  3. Regardless, please do take about 10 seconds of your time to register today as it's quick and simple.


This is a Cimatron CNCForum.

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